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Dnsmasq release notes

Dnsmasq build from source ( Image. Pulls 100K+ Overview Tags. Docker Image notes. Operating System: BusyBox. User: dnsmasq (200) Group: dnsmasq (200) Binary loc.

dnsmasq is a lightweight DNS, TFTP and DHCP server. It is intended to provide coupled DNS and DHCP service to a LAN. Dnsmasq accepts DNS queries and either answers them from a small, local, cache or forwards them to a real, recursive, DNS server. It loads the contents of /etc/hosts so that local hostnames which do not appear in the global DNS. Cortex XSOAR® combines security orchestration, threat intel and incident management, and interactive investigation into a seamless experience. The orchestration engine is designed to automate security product tasks and weave in human analyst tasks and workflows. Cortex XSOAR® is powered by DBot, which learns from the real-life analyst. This encoding is the one used in dnsmasq lease files. The client-id is optional. If it is "*" then it treated as being missing. NOTES MUST be run as root - will fail otherwise. LIMITATIONS Only.

Bug Fixes. BZ# 584009. Three changes were made to /etc/init.d/dnsmasq, the dnsmasq startup script: If dnsmasq was started or restarted by a non-privileged user, the startup script previously failed silently. With this update, the dnsmasq startup script now exits with a status code of 4 (user had insufficient privilege) and returns a "User has.

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由于对linux和docker一知半解,过程中走 Openwrt上使用dnsmasq和ipset实现域名分流 部署一台自动代理路由器,实现根据域名来自动设定直连或者代理,而我要做的只是 设置 PC的默认网关为主路由器(192 newifi3版OPENWRT,不可描述魔改版尝鲜版设置好了真的起飞 newifi3版. Install dnsmasq First of all, you need to install dnsmasq service on a server which will be used as your DNS server # yum -y install dnsmasq After dnsmasq is successfully installed, start and enable the service. # systemctl start dnsmasq # systemctl enable dnsmasq 2. Add DNS Recode By default, dnsmasq service read /etc/hosts to resolve a hostname.

Synopsis The remote DNS / DHCP service is affected by multiple vulnerabilities. Description The version of dnsmasq installed on the remote host is 2.86. It is, therefore, affected by multiple heap-based buffer overflow vulnerabilities in check_bad_address, dhcp_reply, extract_name, resize_packet, print_mac and answer_request.

Description The version of dnsmasq installed on the remote host is prior to 2.81. It is, therefore, affected by a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability in 'helper.c' due to a memory leak. An unauthenticated, remote attacker can exploit this issue, to cause the application to stop responding.

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